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30 April 2007

Texas is not to be messed with

The fewer terrorists, the better, I always say:

A 27-year-old Austin man was arrested on Friday and charged with placing an unexploded bomb containing some 2,000 nails outside an abortion clinic in the state's capital.

The explosive device also included a propane tank and a mechanism "akin to a rocket," Austin Police Commander David Carter said. The device was discovered on Wednesday in the parking lot of the Austin Women's Health Center, police said.

The Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force — made up of federal, state and local law enforcement authorities — arrested Paul Ross Evans, who authorities said was on parole for an unspecified crime. Evans was charged with violating federal laws banning the manufacture of explosives and interfering with access to an abortion clinic. He appeared before a federal magistrate, and was being held without bail. No further arrests were anticipated in the case. "The threat is over," Carter said.

Well, this threat, anyway.

(Via Lindsay Beyerstein.)

Posted at 10:09 AM to Dyssynergy

Traffic was backed up on I-35 something fierce on my way home from work (from San Marcos to Austin). The hold-up was a bomb squad, but they were out in front of a porn place so I figured it was that. Maybe the clinic was behind that?

Posted by: R. Alex at 9:10 AM on 1 May 2007

I wouldn't know for sure. The clinic, says your favorite search engine, is at 1902 South I-35.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:22 AM on 1 May 2007

It is truly a shame that some of our worst potential (and actual) terrorists are some of our own fellow Americans. But humans are humans, nationalities notwithstanding; Their will always be those willing to kill others to make their political or social point.

Posted by: Ron at 9:49 AM on 1 May 2007