The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 April 2007

That whole industrial-revolution thing

Jacqueline Passey takes a phone call:

Customer: "Can you send me a catalog?"

JP: "I'm sorry, sir, unfortunately we donít have a paper catalog, but all our products are listed on our website."

Customer: "Oh, I've never done that web thing before. Do you need, like, a computer with a phone line?"

Well, okay, not everyone does that web thing. We have customers at 42nd and Treadmill who don't.

(Aside: Those people, incidentally, cause us little trouble. It's the clowns who think they know what they're doing who produce ninety-point-something percent of the grief. There was a time when I would actually speak to them and attempt to help them salvage something from their wasted lives. Never again.)

We might infer from this that Ms Passey's employer deals in low-tech wares, like yarn or organic foods or something like that.

And we would be wrong.

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