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18 April 2007

The case for anticrastination

Who didn't see this coming?

A flood of last-minute income tax returns is swamping the computer servers of a California software company. Taxpayers filing electronically have had to wait hours for confirmation that their forms have made it to the IRS.

A spokesman for Intuit, the company that makes the popular TurboTax and ProSeries tax preparation software, says delays started early Tuesday and got worse as the midnight filing deadline approached.

Oh, and the punchline?

The company is urging users of its software to be patient and to try to get their returns done earlier next year.

As if.

(Disclosure: Your humble narrator filed in February.)

Posted at 7:40 AM to Dyssynergy

My wife had ours done last week, until we started talking about a couple of the self-employment forms and I pointed out a discrepancy in the figures.

She ended up putting the return in the mail during her lunch break yesterday.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:44 AM on 18 April 2007

Intuit's competition, TaxActOnline, was running smoothly last night.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 12:04 PM on 18 April 2007