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26 April 2007

The happiness of pursuit

Or a grim satisfaction, anyway. Nina starts her tale at 36th and Walker:

A woman comes up from behind me, veers to the right and swipes my car. She then turns south on Walker, not to pull over mind you, but to run. Baby, the chase was on! I stayed right on her ass while calling the police. She turned west on Hill and lets out a man on the corner and took off again. Let's just say, I was a wee bit angry! Suddenly she turns north on Shartel and finally pulls over. Get this, her excuse was her accelerator was stuck and she couldn't stop. She held on to that story the entire time, even when reminded of letting out a passenger. Meanwhile passenger #2 disappeared with a bag before the police arrived. Did I mention she and her cohorts were quite skanky in attire and had the bodies of meth addicts?

Ah, yes, the classic 98-pound tweakling. And subsequently, jailarity ensued:

Thankfully, Meth Girl got to go to jail today. She's the second person I've contributed to incarceration destiny. Oh what a grand feeling! Not quite as grand as putting the child molester away for life, but damn near close.

When the grandchildren ask the difference between a Citizen and a mere Resident, I plan to give them this link.

Posted at 12:57 PM to City Scene

Well written and intended but, the side-swiping element aside, is jail the answer to every methhead in Oklahoma? I've never gone near the stuff myself, but users recently have crossed my path. And, yes, I got burned.

Someone, and I fear it is Us, will have to find a way to end this scourge. The jails are full. The dopers get out only to return to their addictions. The treatment programs, such as they are, remain desperately underfunded.

There has got to be a solution, and for the sake of us all, it had better come sooner than later.

And by the way, I'll be moving from a small, arrogant petro-city near the Kansas border to an OKC downtown historic district shortly. For one excited but also feeling trepidation about the change, your blog has been a godsend. Thank you for that.

Posted by: mara at 11:28 PM on 29 April 2007

Certainly we don't have the jail space for all of them. And recent crackdowns on meth ingredients, apart from making trips to the drug store more complicated for normal folks, have created spot shortages of the stuff, which has been filled by south-of-the-border imports, followed inexorably by Persons Without Documentation: things go from bad to worse, then the cycle repeats.

Mental-health treatment seems unlikely: our health-care gatekeepers have declared that treatment for mental illness is too expensive for mere mortals, and where would we put all the tweakers anyway?

I'm starting to think that the answer is simply to back away, leave them alone, let them buy the stuff at CVS, and see if any of them actually survive.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:22 AM on 30 April 2007