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25 April 2007

Way greener than Annie Green Springs

What, pray tell, is a "biodynamic wine"?

The grape growers don't use chemical pesticides, fertilizer or weed killers and to maintain their certification all interventions in the vineyard must be traceable.

Most of this seems quite reasonable, though I draw the line at "An astronomical calendar is used to determine auspicious, planting, cultivating and harvesting times," which strikes me as a tad, um, unscientific. Still, if the products are good, I don't much care if they're harvested by bisexual Slovak dwarves under the full moon.

Posted at 10:14 AM to Almost Yogurt

But wouldn't you walk way around a bottle of wine that had on its label: "Harvested by bisexual Slovak dwarves under the full moon."

I know I would.

Posted by: Jeff Shaw at 11:43 AM on 25 April 2007

They're just harvesting the grapes bisexual Czech dwarves won't harvest.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:54 PM on 25 April 2007

At least they're using an "astronomical clock" instead of an astrological one or an almanac or some such nonsense. I'm with you -- bring on the good stuff.

And as for good stuff, what kinds of wine do you like?

Posted by: GradualDazzle at 9:33 PM on 25 April 2007

I have this weird idea that planting on Date X and picking on Date Y every year is not necessarily going to result in optimal results, but then what I know about wine would fit in a thimble and still leave room for Alberto Gonzales' ingenuity.

More seriously, it's extremely rare I find myself drinking anything more esoteric than Dr Pepper. Then again, I'm a lot more Del Taco than Delmonico's.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:44 PM on 25 April 2007

A somewhat more skeptical take on the idea.

Posted by: David Fleck at 6:47 AM on 27 April 2007