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13 April 2007

We got crazy flipper fingers

And oh, occasionally they didn't see us fall:

It just pains me that pinball is dead. Oh, I'll find machines here and there, but they're always damaged or dark, shrines for a cult religion. There's one at Chuck E. Cheese's — Rollercoaster Tycoon, of all things — and I've put it in its place a few times. It's the only machine in the joint that gives you a free play. Everything else expects another coin. Even if you do well, it expects another coin. At some point people were trained to expect their excellence to be repaid with nothing more than the opportunity to enter their initials.

Or, in my case, usually the rubric B F D.

Somebody else's excellence, of course, always managed to eclipse mine:

I was a good pinball player. I wasn't the best, but I was good enough. I could transfer the ball from one flipper to the next; I could wiggle a ball from the drain, nudge the table enough to move the ball from the B to the A slot, make those life-changing flipper saves that require split-second coordination. I was in the B leagues, though. I was always trying to convince the machine, which is a sign of an B-leaguer. The A-leaguers dominated the machines. [The C-leaguers begged it and fought it.]

It's been five years since last I played, and be it noted, I did score that freebie. Perhaps I should wander into Chuck E.'s myself one of these days. (What a friend we have in Cheese's, eh?)

Posted at 8:00 AM to General Disinterest

Gads. It's been years since I played - probably a class B. The Windows version isn't bad - that's how I get my once every six months or so pinball fix these days.

I was a B+ to A- Defender player back in the day. I miss that game, but the dexterity required would sure need several rolls of quarters to regain. I can still get pretty far on the occasional Galaga machine - they are still out there in out of the way places.

Posted by: Jeffro at 8:09 AM on 13 April 2007

Perhaps I should wander into Chuck E.'s myself one of these days.

You'll probably need to rent a kid.

I have a Windows Plus pinball game on my bugbox, but I've noticed that it's harder to dominate on the newer, faster computers than it was on the first one I installed the game on.

I think I still have a slow box and a Windows 98 installation disk around here somewhere...

Posted by: McGehee at 11:42 AM on 13 April 2007

Have you forgotten your friends? There's two different pinball machines over here-I challenge you.
(Elvira is set up in "adult" mode, and extremely entertaining, I still haven't heard everything she says since I'm still being surprised.)

Posted by: wamprat at 1:54 PM on 13 April 2007

Moore's Roofing and Insulation (not a plug by any means) owns their own pinball machine. Give Stacie a call and maybe she will plug it in for you.

Posted by: Aero at 1:50 PM on 14 April 2007