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19 April 2007

We got the Beat

Patrick Nelson of Oklahoma City's Sonics Beat writes to Chris Van Dyk of Seattle's Citizens for More Important Things, because:

1.  As somebody who lives in [the] Seattle area, he could provide some valuable, local insight on the whole Seattle SuperSonics arena situation.

2.  Chris and I share the same dream! Neither of us want the public to build the Sonics an arena!

Van Dyk is, shall we say, not amused.

After that, talking to Steven Pyeatt of Save Our Sonics had to be a genuine pleasure. One quote from Pyeatt that bears repeating:

OKC will have to deal with this very same issue in the near future no matter what team they end up with. Ford Center is very similar to KeyArena and after the novelty of having a team wears off there will be a push to build a publicly funded state of the art facility so that the team can be competitive.

Of course, the Ford itself was funded by the public, as one of the original MAPS projects, so it's not like we've never seen this premise before.

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