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17 May 2007

A bit of TBAGing

Not so long ago, The Truth About Cars polled its readers to determine the Ten Worst Automobiles Today, and most of the winners indeed exhibited high levels of suckage. But there's such a thing as Accentuating the Positive, and so TTAC is now taking votes for the Ten Best Automobiles Going. I wish that I'd driven more of the nominees, but the opportunities for seat time don't often present themselves. (Yes, I've driven a Maserati Quattroporte, but not one of the current models, and after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I struck it from my ballot.)

Things I noticed:

  • No Toyotas or Scions or Lexuses (Lexi?) to be seen.

  • Both Boxster and Cayman?

  • One actual diesel car, though being a Mercedes-Benz, it's not designed for maximum miserliness.

  • Both North American and European Accords (the latter being an Acura TSX) make the list.

They're taking votes until midnight (Eastern) Saturday. Do vote, if only to counterbalance my choices.

Posted at 1:04 PM to Driver's Seat

I voted for a single car, the one that happens to be the one I drive right now.

No sense diluting that vote with 9 others.


Posted by: fritz schranck at 11:03 PM on 17 May 2007

i LOVE that the Crown Vic is nominated. truly a classic, but also a fine car. mine is dark blue. they're highly unsexy, so they're cheap. plus you get not-horrible highway mileage and great crash-test ratings. they are the safest cars on the road: if you scrape off the pinstripes and pull off the hubcaps, like i did, you look like a police car, and all of the traffic around you turns very slow and safe.

Posted by: karl at 2:12 PM on 18 May 2007