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29 May 2007

All that vulgar crap

The Web site of the Independent Film Channel is presenting this month The 31 Best Movie Moments in Bad Words: A Celebration of Cinematic Swearing. Each day there's a foul-mouthed clip from a motion picture. Some of them are obvious — you know what they're going to include from The Big Lebowski — and some of them are less so. The best part, though, is called "Try This At Home," in which ordinary non-Screen Actors Guild civilians take on the same lines and demonstrate that Samuel L. Jackson, for one, is nowhere near being replaced.

As IFC says:

Here at IFC, we believe you should speak your mind — even if what you've got to say is something that would have your mother washing your mouth out with soap.

This month, they'll go through a couple of bath-size bars.

Posted at 8:35 AM to Almost Yogurt

You know it's going to include Rhett Butler's parting words.

Posted by: Veronica at 12:13 PM on 29 May 2007

Let's stop kidding ourselves, folks. We all like that warm, squishy, self-important feeling we get when we think of aliens on the far side of the galaxy first learning about us by finding the Voyager spacecraft, with the 'sounds of the planet' including human music and Chuck Berry. We come in peace, we have a finely-nuanced (but not stiffnecked!) cultural heritage. Yada yada yada.

Yeah, right. Chances of them aliens ever getting hold of that spacecraft are way slimmer than you winning the Lottery every single day for the rest of your life. What they're going to wind up learning about us is what we broadcast, and the broadcast they'll find first is whatever we broadcast the most of.

That's why 'First contact' is going to be made by Jenna Jameson.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 3:11 PM on 29 May 2007

Sam Jackson is the only person on earth who can make the word "muthafucka" sound absolutely poetic.

Posted by: david at 11:00 PM on 29 May 2007