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18 May 2007

Amex to get involved, sort of

American Express has come up with something called The Members Project. For the next month, Amex cardmembers will be asked to suggest charity projects; in July, the top 50 suggestions will be posted, and a vote will be taken. For each accountholder who registers for the Project, Amex will donate $1 to the chosen charity, up to a maximum of $5 million. As of last night, two days into the program, over 200 suggestions had been received.

From their announcement email:

Will you send meningitis vaccines to Africa? Rebuild a school in New Orleans? Or support small organic farmers? The possibilities are endless. The decision is yours.

I will definitely register, putting another buck in the kitty: however, I have no idea where I would like to see it spent. Yet.

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I am more than happy to take your donation!

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 3:10 PM on 18 May 2007

Bloggers who can't get ads.

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