The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 May 2007

Bjørn under a bad sign

Oklahoma doesn't have a front license plate, and some cars sold here are never equipped with a bracket for mounting a front plate — though plenty of people have those brackets installed anyway and fill the space with various pleasantries of dubious artistic merit. (Gwendolyn, originally registered in Missouri, has a bracket, upon which I have mounted a picture of a goldfinch. Imagine that.)

One plate I see on a regular basis around here is easily explained but never really defended. It's always on a Volvo, it's sized like a European plate, and it says simply: SWEDISH. Well, duh. I've more than once grumbled "No shvit, Sven" upon seeing the silly thing. And it is silly: is there anyone who doesn't know where Volvos come from? And why do you never see it on a Saab? (Okay, it makes no sense on a 9-7X, but still.)

Should I ever find myself with the keys to a Hyundai, I think I will have a KOREAN plate made up to these specs, just to gauge the reactions from passersby.

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Front license plates. I didn't realize there was a difference between front and back.

I didn't know where Volvos come from. But I'm from Idaho

Posted by: Kate at 8:51 PM on 6 May 2007

Makes me want to put "Canadian" on my Chevy truck ... or get a Toyota Tundra with a "U.S.A." tag for it (go figure).

Posted by: Mel at 2:26 PM on 7 May 2007