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19 May 2007

Boys keep out

Cootie checkers will be installed on the 19th floor:

No men allowed. That will be the rule on the the entire 19th floor of a new J.W. Marriott hotel being built in Grand Rapids, Mich. A lounge at the hotel also will be reserved for women only when the hotel opens in September.

Spokeswoman Andrea Groom said more than half of all business travelers are women. She told The Grand Rapids Press that they want be able to relax over a drink without getting hit on by guys.

The women-only rooms will have distaff-specific amenities such as special hair dryers, bath products, jewelry holders and chenille throws. But the businesswomen will have to pay for the privilege. Rooms on the women-only floor will be about $30 more than the usual rate.

Which, being a J. W. Marriott, is considerable: expect to pay $250 a night.

I can hear the shouts of "Sexist!" already, with hints that this is some sort of leftist plot. I have my doubts, if only because the hotel is owned by Alticor, the parent company of Amway, which is not exactly known for its slavish adherence to political correctness.

More to the point, $220ish is a bit above my usual room budget.

Posted at 12:25 PM to Table for One

I do a fair bit of traveling alone, and there's been times I would have welcomed a women only hotel floor. Being hit on in the bar is annoying but manageable - being followed from the bar to my room was just plain creepy. Forget the fancy hair driers and jewelery keepers - just give me a little extra security.

Posted by: Terry at 8:18 PM on 19 May 2007

I think it's a good idea. Why should they have to pay an extra $30 per night, on top of the $220? The increased security, or sense of security, is definitely a good idea. If my wife were to be staying in a nice hotel, I would like it to have a "No Men Allowed" floor.

Posted by: Scooby214 at 9:06 PM on 19 May 2007