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3 May 2007

Can you Digg it?

I've pretty much stayed out of the flap over at, where DMCA takedown notices have been thicker than London fog, mostly because I couldn't figure out a way to work "09 F9 11 20 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0" into casual conversation.

It would be different, of course, if I could sing it. Besides, Lileks has already explained the matter:

[D]igital content is the future. I make that bold prediction well aware that it's also the present. But the days of the video store are numbered — ones and zeroes, to be exact — and someday all the entertainment you buy will be digital. But you'll own nothing but a lah-sance, and those can be revoked. Imagine every book on your shelf was locked because your license to read them had expired, or the Master Controller in your Internet provider determined that you'd violated section B subsection (302) clause 09f91102, and revoked your right to access the content. Imagine all the players are coded to check whether you license is up to date, and lock out your licensed media for reasons you can't decipher. Puts a hell of a crimp in family movie night.

Who will be to blame? A sclerotic industry that couldn't figure out a way to maintain its profit levels in the new paradigm, and every dork who can't be arsed to pay for cable but downloads the shows he wants to see anyway. And for every noble dedicated anti-statist idealist who wants to protect us from the concentration of media power and content control, I swear there are ten who'd post the security door codes for a nuclear power plant if they could, shout down their critics as censors, then hold a contest to embed the codes in a LOLcats picture. Because nothing really means anything, in the end. It's just keystrokes, joysticks, pizza and wanking.

Pizza, I suspect, actually comes second.

Incidentally, one of the hex bytes in the string above is, um, wrong. No points for so noticing.

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This guy very cleverly worked the information into his post in an untraceable manner by linking to a google search of the aforementioned code.

Posted by: Adam at 10:42 PM on 4 May 2007