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23 May 2007

Catching a break this summer

Once a year, OG&E, like other electric utilities, prepares a Fuel Procurement Report for the Corporation Commission. (There's also a monthly report that goes to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.) This year, due to "more favorable natural gas market conditions," OG&E expects about a 19-percent drop in typical residential electric bills during the summer. A customer who uses 1450 kWh in a month will pay $125.50 for service plus fuel adjustments this year, versus $149.43 for the same month in 2006. (The most I used last year in one month was 1297 kWh.)

Wind-power customers, according to OG&E's standard calculator, will fork over an additional $2.11. And incidentally, if you aren't already buying off the wind farm, you can no longer subscribe to the service: OG&E is persuaded that they've reached critical mass, or something, and therefore no longer needs to sell the package, though existing customers will continue to receive the deals they were promised and everyone will pay about 11 cents a month toward the cost of the Centennial Wind Farm near Fort Supply, which opened in April.

And if I'm going to save around twenty bucks a month — hey, that's half a tank of gas.

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It's pretty sad, but it now takes more than $20 to fill the tank on my "74 VW. In fact, the car that used to take $9 to fill now takes over #30. I don't think I can get any cheaper without getting a scooter. Although... the scooter would be more powerful than my '74 VW!

Posted by: Scooby214 at 2:17 PM on 23 May 2007