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7 May 2007

Chases, and the cutting thereto

Two complaints about recent films that you may have heard, maybe even have spoken before:

  • "Everything worth seeing is already in the trailer."

  • "There's no story, it's all special effects."

Not at all intending to address these issues, Britain's Team TV has something for you called V3:

V3 was a project conceived of as a series of test Special-Effects shots to improve our capabilities and push what we could do in terms of fakery to the limit. The shots were very successful, and as they followed some form of storyline, it seemed fitting to put them together into this concept trailer.

The full version of the film and the story behind it will probably never be shown or made in its entirety, but it is enjoyable in this form nonetheless. It serves best as an example of what we can achieve on next to no budget.

In the meantime, you have 63 seconds of stuff which fits right into the mix at the multiplex. (You'll need QuickTime to watch it.)

Posted at 7:30 AM to Almost Yogurt

Hello there,

My name is Larry Brangwyn, long-time TeamTV member and Director/Editor of V3. I'm very glad you took the time to look at V3 and thanks for the link.

I agree that most modern films are usually as you describe (eg Spiderman) so I hope we manage to exceed this at some point!

We're actually going to address with issue with our latest piece, entitled "Another Life" - a feature-length film with no special effects at all! Please check it out.

Thanks for your interest

Larry Brangwyn

Posted by: Larry Brangwyn, TeamTV at 1:08 PM on 20 May 2007