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25 May 2007

Haus of the rising spam

A few days ago, Wizbang's Kevin Aylward reported that one of the sites used by Movable Type's SpamLookup toolset was no longer accepting queries due to high server loads. I duly popped open my own installation and removed the site from my configuration.

At the time, Six Apart, developers of Movable Type, had made no formal announcement. Shortly after the Wizbang report, Six Apart issued this advice:

Recently, an IP blacklist service known as Blitzed ceased its operations. Movable Type’s SpamLookup plugin uses this service to process incoming comments and TrackBacks to determine if they are spam or not. With Blitzed shut down, a lot of you might be experiencing delays when publishing your readers’ comments.

Though we’re sorry to see Blitzed go (and thank the team for their efforts), the good news is that a free replacement is available. The Spamhaus Project has been in operation for over 9 years and has a long track record of providing excellent protection against known spammers. In addition to their technology that they allow people to use for free, Spamhaus works with Law Enforcement and cyber-crimes teams worldwide, helping them not only to block these miscreants, but also to bring them to justice.

I have no doubt that they do Good Things at Spamhaus; nevertheless, today they reported that two of my commenters were on their blacklist. Presuming that those IPs once belonged to some miscreants, I have to wonder just how up-to-date their database is. I don't, however, have to use it, and as of two minutes from now I'm not.

Marginally-amusing addendum: I sent a TrackBack to Six Apart for this item: it came back 403 Throttled.

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