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8 May 2007

I was told there would be no math

Then again, there are times when it really helps:

The other night, a friend and I ordered a pizza at the bar. We were pretty hungry and the pizza was cheap, so we ordered a 12" round pizza for the two of us. (Pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, and onions, though the toppings are immaterial.) A little while later, the waitress came by with an 8" round pizza, explaining that another waitress had mistakenly given our pizza to someone else. She said we could have this 8" pizza now, and she'd have the cook throw another 8" pizza in the oven for us. She claimed that we'd be getting more total pieces of pizza, so this was a good deal for us.

This does not work. I ordered a small pizza once. They asked me if I'd like it cut into six slices; I requested four, inasmuch as I can't possibly eat six slices of pizza, even with immaterial toppings.

After doing some quick mental math (area of a circle = pi*radius˛. Two 8" pizzas = 2*pi*(4)˛ = 32*pi square inches, One 12" pizza = pi*(6)˛ = 36*pi square inches), I told her we'd be missing out on over 12 square inches of pizza, so we'd rather just have the one 12" pizza. She complied, and as a nice bonus (probably because she was impressed by my quick geometry skills), she let us have the extra 8" pizza anyways. Score one for geometry!

What we need next: Statistical analysis of what pieces you're likely to get when you order a three-piece chicken dinner.

(Via The Consumerist.)

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Another nail in the coffin of the idea that all math beyond arithmetic is useless unless you're an engineer: free pizza for those who can do geometry in their heads. That, sadly, leaves me out. There was a time when I could multiply double digits......[read more]

If it's from a NYC KFC, it's probably no chicken, all rat.

Posted by: Dan B at 9:08 PM on 8 May 2007

What we need next: Statistical analysis of what pieces you're likely to get when you order a three-piece chicken dinner.

Logically, it should be breast, thigh and leg -- since the wings are so popular when sold separately (a compelling example of marketing if ever there was one).

Posted by: McGehee at 7:36 AM on 9 May 2007

This is almost always what I get at Church's; this is almost never what I get at Popeye's. (And this wasn't any different when the two of them were corporate cousins.)

Independent chicken houses, at least around here, tend to ask you to specify.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:02 AM on 9 May 2007

This incident would be a good example to use in a classroom populated with smartass kids always asking why they need to learn that pie are square.

Posted by: mike at 10:25 PM on 14 May 2007