The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 May 2007

Not to be confused with Don Quixote

The Fugs, somehow having been signed in the late 1960s to Reprise Records, home of Frank Sinatra, disgorged a number of inexplicable bits, one of which contained the inscrutable phrase "donkey scrotum in Saran Wrap."

Said nutsack still sets the gold standard for pack-animal genitalia-related verbiage, though this comes close.

Posted at 8:17 AM to Almost Yogurt

I never actually listened to the Fugs, but I recall from the album cover that one of the band member's instrument was a tricycle.

Posted by: triticale at 5:22 PM on 15 May 2007

When I was in the USN, one electrician onboard ship played the Fugs cut of Saran Wrap all the time. He was from Brooklyn, said the Fugs were from Brooklyn and they reminded him of home. He told me that Saran Wrap was used because condoms were too expensive.

As I recall, the lyrics began:
"Down in the subway
Lookin' for a girl
Break off a sheet of that Saran Wrap
Saran Wrap ..."

Strangely, even the tune still scars my memory. The guy played it all the time.

Posted by: mike at 2:13 AM on 19 May 2007