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27 May 2007


Last year, Xrlq posed a rhetorical question:

Is there any [poll] question so wacky that one-third of the population will not answer it in the affirmative?

I commented on that here, and was reminded of it again this weekend while reading this:

[N]ow we hear that 13% of Muslims support suicide bombings under some circumstances. Scary, eh?

Really? Why? There is no context here. Do we have a corresponding figure for non-Muslims? Maybe we do — if so the linked post would have been a good place to present it.

Are there lunatic Muslims? Sure, just read the papers. But again, they're human beings too, and if the same poll were performed on non-Muslims the numbers might not be much different, because there are plenty of wackos to go around among the rest of us too.

So the 13% number is misleading without having a corresponding number for non-Muslims.

I could point out here that non-Muslims don't do a whole lot of suicide bombings, generally, but the poll in question wasn't aimed at, um, "likely bombers."

And there are people in this country who will defend something almost as indefensible: the designated hitter.

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