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18 May 2007

Post-divorce jewelry

It may be a while before Chrysler, sprung from bondage, gets its mojo back, but at least they have their logo again: the Pentastar is apparently coming back.

There is historical precedent for this, too: Ford's blue oval with the name in script was considered old hat after WWII and eventually dropped from the vehicles altogether, only to be reinstated in 1976.

The Pentastar was apparenly the one good idea of Chrysler chair Lynn Townsend, who moved to install it on everything Chrysler-related circa 1963. In the 1990s, Dodge got a Ram badge, and the Pentastar appeared less often; after the Germans took over, it was suppressed, allegedly because it conflicted with the Mercedes-Benz star. (So much for that "merger of equals," huh?) There is, however, no plan to bring back Plymouth.

(Via Autoblog.)

Posted at 7:06 AM to Driver's Seat

The problem with the Pentastar is that while it emphasized the corporate provenance of the brands, it made it virtually impossible to distinguish the brands from one another at a glance (especially during the '70s and '80s). I thought it was refreshing when Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge started sporting separate logos.

On the bright side, the pentastar shown at the linked article does look slightly updated, which is a consolation. Chrysler can have it if they must -- I'd prefer the divisions keep their separate logos.

On a more general note, I've been dissatisfied with the one Mercury came up with; I liked the one they put briefly on the Cougar and expected, vainly as it turns out, that the old "sign of the cat" slogan would translate into a division-wide logo. No such luck.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:35 AM on 18 May 2007