The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

7 May 2007

Strange search-engine queries (66)

What we have here, basically, is an excuse to go back through the last week's worth of visitors (we're talking around four thousand or so), weed out the ones who got here through search engines, and them mock a dozen or so that seem mockable. It's a nasty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

floppy penis jumping jacks:  That, um, goes without saying. (Next time, go without saying it.)

does anyone know what interior home door vents are:  Nope. Nobody knows. There's been research funded by the National Science Foundation, but so far nothing.

oklahoma sheds:  On average, once a year.

"nudism" "google earth":  "Good lord, it's a satellite! Get inside and get your clothes on!"

seven of nine naked pictures:  Who has the other two?

i hate pharmacists rude overpaid customer service:  Somebody didn't get his tranqs.

why does my suburban's fuel gauge needle shake:  It's trying to keep up with the gas consumption.

are detentions on your permanent record?  The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that they be deleted after seven years.

where is Hilary Bullings?  She's taking a shower. Call back in about 45 minutes.

iq score locker number:  No correlation. Then again, I had locker #12.

when will mazda 626 transmission fail:  About 5:30. I suggest you call for a service appointment early.

six feet tall 34dd:  And I thought I was picky.

Oklahomans have good manners:  Damn right we do. Now sit down and shut up.

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