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28 May 2007

Strange search-engine queries (69)

We will avoid the obvious jokes this week because, as Bartholomew J. Simpson might have said, they both suck and blow.

"mary katherine ham" boyfriend:  A lucky fellow indeed.

(When do Indy 500 drivers relieve themselves):  About forty seconds after the last lap.

vasectomy dementia:  So far I'm 1 for 2.

"electric meter" slow pseg:  On the other hand, who the hell wants a fast electric meter?

4 inch penis celibate:  And this surprises you why?

prius and "poor handling" and "high speed":  Not to worry. Nobody gets high speed out of a Prius.

"shopping in the nude":  Discourages pickpockets, anyway.

what does transmission failure sound like:  Often as not, like two thousand dollars.

how to successfully hide male genitalia {mtch=100}:  I recommend keeping it inside female genitalia whenever possible.

Converting Olds Alero to a greener car:  Have you tried Earl Scheib?

invisible girl levis:  "No, honey, those don't make you look fat."

everything that you can see, feel, and touch is called what?  Taxable.

Posted at 6:11 AM to You Asked For It

"I recommend keeping it inside female genitalia whenever possible."

Yeah, but can she be trusted not to reveal the hiding place? You know what gossips women are.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 1:11 PM on 28 May 2007

A Prius blew by me on I-40 near Okemah going about 80. Now it might have taken them from Henryetta to accelerate to 80, but they were definitely going 80.

Posted by: Dan B at 1:45 PM on 28 May 2007