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16 May 2007

That's it, turn in your keyboard

Drive-By DownloadDidier Stevens set up this little blurb in Google Adwords, just to prove a point, and the point seems to be that there are a lot of idiots out there: over four hundred people actually clicked on it. No, he didn't actually serve them any malware or anything, in the manner of a true drive-by download; he simply wanted to see if people would bite. (Oh, and 98 percent of the, um, victims were running Windows.)

Stevens paid a mere $23 for the ad campaign: around six cents a clickthrough. The amusement value is, of course, priceless.

(Via Fark.)

Posted at 8:16 AM to PEBKAC

With 400 interested, you have to wonder how many would have paid for an infection.

Posted by: mike at 1:41 AM on 19 May 2007