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21 May 2007

The Hermits' Association will come to order

So Brad walks down to the beach early one morning, and comes back to witness this spectacle:

[O]n the way back, I saw a guy wearing a vest that said "Lone Wolf Motorcycle Club" ... I was reminded of the scene from Grosse Pointe Blank, where Dan Aykroyd's character is trying to get John Cusack's character to join his assassination "union". Cusack explains that he's not interested in joining a club, what with wearing all black; trying to craft the "lone wolf" persona.

Who came up with this name? Were they thinking?! I could see something like "Wolf Pack", but not "Lone Wolf" Lone wolves ride alone; joining a club kinda defeats the purpose.

I am disinclined by nature (and by fondness for various internal organs) to mock bikers. But then there's this:

Lone Wolf Biker — Someone who lives the Bike Lifestyle but chooses not to ride with a club.

I detect a hint of Marxism, of the Groucho variety: "I refuse to belong to any club that will accept me as a member."

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