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10 May 2007

Three peas in one's Pod

Picking three songs for a radio (or podcast) set is something of an artform, and the best such are very good indeed. (I have a few tucked away for possible future use, which, if nothing else, will appall my brother, who did actual time as a Radio Guy.)

One criterion for "best" is sheer effrontery — who in the world would have thought of that? — and accordingly, I award props to Monty for her Sammich set last weekend: two Bread tunes, with Meat Loaf in between. Delicious, in a couple of senses of the word.

Posted at 6:58 AM to Fileophile , Tongue and Groove

HA! I'm glad you liked that...and suprised that you listened to my show. :) I hope you'll be back! Although I must admit that the Sammich was pretty damn good, even for me.

And PROPS to YOU, because many of the songs I glommed from your mixes. I bow to you, O MixMaster.

Posted by: aka_monty at 9:46 AM on 10 May 2007