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4 May 2007

We've got a fuzz issue and we're gonna use it

Schick Quattro adThis is the third of four frames in an animated GIF advertising Schick's Quattro for Women razor, which I spotted today while browsing Popgadget. (That "Energizer" tag might seem odd until you remember that the battery maker acquired Schick and Wilkinson Sword in 2003.) I had to ask myself, "Self, are you that easily distracted by a nice pair of gams?" (Yes.) I suppose it's a good thing they're not taking things too seriously. To make sure they weren't, I wandered over to their Web site and found something called Quattro Lingo, which introduces some new terms into the vernacular. I was most amused by this description: when you "intentionally go without shaving before a date as a way of making yourself behave," you're said to be wearing a "chastity pelt." I have no idea what Dawn Eden thinks of this notion, though I'm sure she'd endorse behaving oneself.

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I still watch those skirts

So that's you settled in Oklahoma!

It reminds me of something I read in (IIRC) Bennett Cerf's Shake Well Before Using, attributed to Henry Morgan. Apparently Morgan liked to do "weather reports" on his show, such as,

"Tomorrow, will be muggy -- followed by tuegy, weggy and thurgy."

...and (getting back to the topic)...

"Later in the week we'll have high winds, followed by high skirts, followed by me."

Posted by: McGehee at 7:17 PM on 5 May 2007

Chastity pelt? Anything like a Merkin?

Posted by: Dan B at 4:09 PM on 6 May 2007

I believe the proper answer to this is "Yes, and no."

Posted by: CGHill at 4:30 PM on 6 May 2007