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12 June 2007

All in good humor

News Item: An Oklahoma City ice-cream man has been charged with indecent exposure after giving a would-be customer a look at his undone zipper on the city's south side.

Top Ten Verbal Responses to Indecent Exposure by Ice-Cream Men:

  1. Hey, that ain't a Popsicle® stick!
  2. At this point, I don't care if you are happy to see me.
  3. How long before it melts?
  4. Let me guess: joint venture with Der Wienerschnitzel?
  5. Um, no thanks, no frozen yogurt.
  6. Which one's Ben and which one's Jerry?
  7. This is no way to compete with Dairy Queen.
  8. Yes, I'm sure the Health Department does require you to carry a thermometer — but not there.
  9. Froze solid, did it?
  10. So that's what they mean by "soft-serve."

May you all enjoy a month of sundaes.

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Looks like we've got ourselves an outbreak: someone here in Tampa received a similar, um, cool reception. Note the incident happened on Eskimo Avenue.

They could perhaps spin these troubles into a money-making opportunity, only Aballa & Siedros probably doesn't look as good on the side of an ice cream carton.

Posted by: Joel at 1:00 PM on 13 June 2007

YOU listen to that jingle all day and see what it does to you.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 4:43 PM on 13 June 2007