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26 June 2007

Completely full of citrus

I wore an orange T-shirt to work today. (No, that's not all I wore. Don't be a wise guy.) This, in itself, is nothing too unusual: this particular tee is in my regular rotation, and probably gets worn three, maybe four times a month. And inasmuch as it is in my regular rotation, I didn't think twice about it when I pulled it out of the closet this morning.

It was a few hours later when I remembered the errand I'd scheduled for after work: buying Gwendolyn's 2008 tag, and renewing my driver's license. The license didn't expire until July, but I figured a single stone would be sufficient for both birds, inasmuch as trips to the tag agency, even a good tag agency — and the one I go to is fairly decent — tend to leave me drained, both emotionally and financially.

And then I had to ask myself: "Do I really want to carry around for the next four years a photograph of me in an orange T-shirt?"

So I went home and put on a green polo shirt, which goes better with my particular smirk. And inasmuch as the young woman in line in front of me admitted to a height of five foot three when I would have sworn she was at least five-six, I had them shave two inches off my height, which evidently isn't what it used to be.

Posted at 7:49 PM to General Disinterest

I have a rather cynical view on height. I've heard from people who were obviously shorter than me claim to be taller than the measurement I've gotten at the doctor's office.

Posted by: sya at 10:53 PM on 26 June 2007

We do tend to shrink with age. I have been precisely six feet tall since I was 22 years old. Exactly 72 inches. So imagine my surprise when I saw a Dr. a year or two ago who also measures your height along with your weight and they found it to be 70 inches. I said that couldn't be right so they did it again and showed it to me. And by durn it . . it was correct.

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:13 AM on 27 June 2007

Charles, I seem to remember you posted something a while back about dress sizes being revised, so that something in, say, a Size 8 gets labeled a Size 5, and so on.

I think they're doing that to heights now.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:55 AM on 27 June 2007

You'd think heights, being actual measurements and all, would be immune to bracket creep.

Anyway, I'm obviously no longer 6-2. (I think at one time I managed 6-1½ and rounded it up.)

Maybe "1.83m" will work.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:02 PM on 27 June 2007

I got my license when I was 14 (I'm 33 now) and have never updated the information. It says I'm 5'2 (I'm 6'0 even), 135 pounds (more than double that) and, best of all, it says I have hazel eyes (I have 1 brown, 1 green, but I listed brown/green on the paperwork and they put hazel.) I really need to get that updated -- coincidently, my license expires THIS month.

Posted by: Rob "Flack" O'Hara at 7:20 AM on 28 June 2007

They have a tendency not to question these things, which may be an issue in itself. I think I'd notice a six-footer listed at five-two, but it may be state policy to refrain from actually mentioning it.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:44 AM on 28 June 2007

As Charles may suspect, I'm kind of looking forward to renewing my license at the end of this year. My present one was issued in 1999 and renewed by mail in '03. It says I weigh over 320 pounds and the picture looks it.

Fortunately, the cramped, crowded driver's license bureau where I got the current license has been moved to more spacious quarters in the past year or so.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:07 AM on 29 June 2007