The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 June 2007

Feeling of déjà vu: priceless

A new eBay MasterCard is being issued this month, with various auction-related goodies for heavy eBay users, which I suppose, after 200-odd auctions, includes me.

In fact, I used to have an eBay MasterCard, issued by MBNA; however, eBay and MBNA fell out of love, and the program was discontinued, and MBNA wound up in the suffocating embrace of Bank of America anyway.

The new eBay MasterCard will be issued by GE Money Bank, which despite its all-American name (I mean, it's General Electric, fercrissake) is based in Switzerland. GE has a working relationship with eBay's PayPal subsidiary, providing lines of credit parallel to PayPal accounts. I have one of those, and it's extremely handy; then again, so long as I have the line of credit, I probably don't need the MasterCard.

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