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21 June 2007

Fraud before you even answer

About damn time, too:

Using fake caller IDs to defraud or cause harm to people would be illegal under a bill the House passed by voice vote Tuesday.

The measure is aimed at the practice of "spoofing," where scammers falsify the name and phone number appearing on caller ID. A scammer, for example, might trick a person into thinking he is getting a call from a bank with the intention of obtaining personal information such as Social Security or credit card numbers.

"This is another example of technology being misused by the unscrupulous to scam the unsuspecting," said Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., sponsor of the measure.

Thank you, Congressman Engel. And to you bastards calling from the obviously-fraudulent "407-019-6400," a number which cannot legitimately exist: FOAD.

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