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1 June 2007

I think I'll use the drive-thru

Some people can pull this off, but I can't:

One of my joys in life is dining alone. I know that may seem strange to some people but it really is an activity I cherish. When our children were little and I was home with them during the week, my husband would take care of them on one or the other weekend morning so I could go to breakfast with a book or the daily newspaper. I've made note of (and usually vowed never to return to) restaurants where the host or hostess queries me with "just one?" sounding like code for "poor leper you, I guess no-one want to spend time with you." And I've made note of (and deliberately returned to) those where the hostess or host smiles and simply asks "one?" as if 1 is a quantity just like any other.

This poor leper will hide in his kitchen and dine on finger foods.

I'm not quite sure why this is true. I have less of an issue dining alone when I'm on the road, perhaps because I sense that I have no choice in the matter — but then, I sense that I have no choice in the matter even if I'm just round the corner.

Still, it has to be something of a relief when the wait staff don't immediately brand you as a pariah.

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Every so often I go to Steak 'n' Shake for breakfast. By myself. Of course, the place is always nearly empty and the servers are happy to see anybody come in, let alone one who always tips $2 on a $7 meal.

(And I was doing that even before Mandy Patinkin's character in "Dead Like Me" recommended it as a way to get good service.)

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