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2 June 2007

Incomplete package

I probably don't watch enough DVDs to justify a subscription to Netflix, and given the dilatory nature of my viewings — well, this is the sort of thing I mean:

[T]he film did not play here in the hinterlands at all, and when the DVD was released in December, I ignored it for two months, contrived somehow to have it back-ordered for two months, and when it finally arrived this week, I stared at it for two days, almost afraid to pop the seal, lest all the connections I've made to the book all these years might be disrupted somehow by the visuals.

(Should you be curious, this is the film in question.)

But my idiosyncrasies aside, I can still understand Blythe's perspective:

I love Netflix as much as the next two million people that use it, but there was a special something about actually going to Blockbuster last night and that something was a Diet Coke and Twizzlers. Netflix can't deliver that to your door. Unless I've forgotten so sign up for some new service. Which reminds me of the doomed that I experienced my summer living in NY. Man, that was great. I could order a movie, Ben and Jerry's, and Elle and it would arrive in maybe 36 minutes. Sweet.

Sweet indeed. Maybe someone will come up with good downloadable popcorn, as distinguished from that horrid toxic-waste-dump one pops into the microwave oven. (I can always pick up Twizzlers at the grocery, although my movie nosh of choice remains Raisinets.)

Posted at 8:37 PM to Dyssynergy

Actually, there's no reason why Netflix COULDN'T deliver Twizzlers and Diet Coke to one's door. I smell an ancillary profit line in the making...

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 9:25 PM on 2 June 2007

I tried both services out and blockbuster wins hands down. The selection is more vast and current and the ability to swap out in store or via snail mail makes the price well worth it for the service.
Have a great Sunday!

Posted by: T Town Tommy at 9:32 PM on 2 June 2007

I prefer Milk Duds to Raisinets.

Posted by: miriam at 9:33 PM on 2 June 2007

I am all about the Goobers dumped straight into the popcorn. Yum.

Posted by: Heather at 11:46 PM on 2 June 2007

The treats at Blockbuster are certainly cheaper than at the movie theaters, but if I have to go out anyway I'd rather save money on the treats and get them at the supermarket.

And if the movie is coming in the mail from Netflix, I can do that.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:39 AM on 3 June 2007

...I'd rather save even more money on the treats...

Preview is for wusses.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:40 AM on 3 June 2007

goobers in popcorn? that just blew my mind.

Posted by: blythe at 11:36 AM on 3 June 2007