The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 June 2007

Lamentations MMVII

  1. There was in the land of Sooners a man, and that man was upright and noble, though more the former than the latter, and on the sixteenth day of rain he called unto the Lord and said: "O Lord, when wilt thou banish the raging flood-waters?"

  2. And the Lord heard and replied unto the man, "Didst thou not complain that thine own field last year had thirsted and died?"

  3. The man bowed his head in shame, for he knew that the Lord spake the truth, and then he said in a low voice: "In this, as in all things, thy will be done."

  4. And the Lord said, "This is the plan; thou hast chosen wisely in choosing not to mess with it. However, the promise that was made to Noah back in the day is equally made unto his descendants."

  5. The man cast his eyes heavenward, and said, "I shall await thy celestial display. For the morrow, what are we, thy humble servants, to do?"

  6. And the Lord said, "Seek ye the counsel of him who cometh from the tribe of England, for he shall keep thee advised."

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