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18 June 2007

Strange search-engine queries (72)

In this weekly feature, the contents of the logs are put in a box, shaken (not stirred), then poured out onto the table, and the least-explicable search strings are placed here for your amusement.

naturist dixie chicks:  Naw. They just strip for magazine covers once in a while.

artsy fartsy gallery tampa florida:  Founded by a couple of snowbirds, Art and Florence Phartstein from Mahwah, New Jersey.

can I use summer's eve in rectal:  For all I care, you can use WD-40.

running pfs:first choice on windows XP:  I suggest you export your data to an application more recent than the French and Indian War.

nude search engines:  Far as I know, you can use any of them in the nude, though Ms Dewey might laugh at you.

is bush going to run for a third term:  He can't. Not even Karl Rove can change that.

is a 5 inch penis unattractive to women:  Why would you ask me this?

what is oklahoma's average winter temperature?  Colder than a mother-in-law's kiss.

garbage "Cherry Lips" music video invisible how:  Good old green-screen work, with a little bit of digital cleanup.

are cottonwood trees outlawed because of their annoying seeds:  This guy's obviously never seen a sweetgum.

walmart temporary job passing personality test:  Who knew there was a personality test to work at Wal-Mart?

nick coleman zorro:  This will undoubtedly surprise anyone who reads the Star Tribune.

nightingale droppings internet purchase:  They sell all kinds of crap on the Web.

hair as number one choice for mate selection:  Obviously I will die alone.

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pfs:first choice

Heh. I singlehandedly drew you a strange search-engine query!

Who knew there was a personality test to work at Wal-Mart?

I wonder how many false positives get people fired?

Posted by: McGehee at 11:10 AM on 18 June 2007