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27 June 2007

The clues of the phisherman

Now this is hilarious. The phish was typical — "We detected irregular activity on your Bank of America Check Card" — but the bogus link to B of A was this:

You know, if you're gonna steal stuff, Mr. Kalamazoo Phisher Guy, you probably ought not to telegraph where it's going.

This IP, incidentally, falls in a range belonging to these guys.

You're welcome.

Addendum: I toyed with the idea of reporting this to AT&T, whose DSL line this is, but the ignorant douchenozzles make it impossible to do anything on their Web site without jumping through their intake hoops. Repeat: AT&T = ignorant douchenozzles. Remember it.

Posted at 11:16 AM to Scams and Spams

Agree with ASSessment of AT&T. Slightly worse than Cox-ucker Cable.

The FBI would probably like to know this little nugget. They always need something to make them look like they're doing a job.

Posted by: Dan B at 9:03 AM on 28 June 2007

The sad thing is those Chiro's are probably "zombied" or broadcasting an open WiFi signal and these douchebags are in the office/apartment/AMC Pacer within range and phishing in their little bass pond. It would be funny to see the face on these back crackers when the Feds knock on their door ... "Quick Dr. Quakerjack, hide the cancer curing light machine" ... either way, good job Chaz ... too bad that AT&T ARE total douchebags. Of course its not their fault, its just what they do :)

Posted by: Ron at 9:47 AM on 28 June 2007

I too go the same email...twice! Could it be that we have the same bank account? I'm sure glad they got a hold of me or I'd be out of a lot of money in an account of a bank of which I'm not a customer.

So how do I get my money out of said account?

Posted by: Huts at 3:39 PM on 29 June 2007

Beats me. I had enough fun canceling one of their credit cards.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:42 PM on 29 June 2007