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17 June 2007

Unplumbed depths

Last April I marveled at an item that Spam Karma 2 had snagged on one of my other sites, with an appalling karma of -1032.38. Commenters informed me that this was not so unusual; one, in fact, reported having received a score of -50482.7, fifty times as lame.

Come today, I find a new batch of scum, and most of them are in the general vicinity of -685908. (My first thought was "Geez, this isn't a score, it's a phone number." And indeed, with one additional digit, this was my phone number, circa 1979. No, you don't dial the minus sign.) Evidently SK's Retro-Spanking routine means business.

Posted at 11:29 AM to Scams and Spams

I rarely look at the stats and logs in SK2 since I became convinced it was doing the job, maybe a year ago. I just looked and it reports an Average karma for spam as -13317.71. The Avg for approved comments is +889.8. The highest negative (lowest?) that I recall seeing was around -30000. I get about one item to moderate per week, and it errs with a false positive about once per month.

Since almost all comment spam is directed at older comments, I so wish, and have suggested to them, that WP or one of its many independent developers would give us a simple check box to turn off pings and comments after a post is a certain age, settable by user.

I wish I knew more about this stuff...

Posted by: Winston at 5:35 AM on 18 June 2007

Well, I got some today that were in scientific notation (1.4013e+06 typical). This is over a million negative karma. You couldn't get this from Jack Abramoff blowing a seal.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:51 PM on 18 June 2007