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14 June 2007

Which one's Pink?

Why, the girl, silly:

Not so long ago, pink was a colour reserved for little girls. It was the colour of Barbie and bubblegum, of plastic tat that parents were pestered into buying, of pre-teen bedrooms and pocket-money accessories.

Then, suddenly, it was everywhere — and being targeted at grown women. Next month, for instance, sees the launch of Fly Pink, a "boutique airline designed especially for women" which plans to operate from Liverpool's John Lennon airport. The airline will offer flights to Paris for "shopping breaks" in customised pink planes, and, to complete the experience, will also provide pink champagne and complementary manicures before take-off.

Cate Sevilla objects:

Fly Pink is making massive assumptions about women, and forget that not all women like pink, or manicures, or shopping breaks in Paris. How can we expect the rest of society to stop stereotyping women if we can't even stop stereotyping ourselves?

Hey, I live in a pink house, and not one of Mellencamp's either.

Posted at 1:29 PM to Almost Yogurt

I think it can be safely asserted that the vast majority of women would enjoy a shopping excursion to Paris.

Posted by: John Salmon at 4:18 PM on 14 June 2007

It depends on what you mean by "shopping excursion". If it means books and street vendors selling wacky stuff, heck yeah. Clothes--blech.

Posted by: sya at 8:29 PM on 14 June 2007

The hell with the shopping--I'd go to Paris anyway. Paris is heaven.

Posted by: miriam at 10:47 PM on 14 June 2007

Well, the Floyd I listen to is pink, if that counts for anything.

Posted by: triticale at 11:01 PM on 14 June 2007