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12 June 2007

Yes, but is she hot?

Terry Teachout muses:

In America, only pretty young women become movie stars. Middle-aged male actors who are unattractive — or at least Bogart-ugly — can and do play romantic leads, but no actress who is much short of beautiful or much older than thirty has much chance of seeing her name above the title of a big-budget movie, save as part of a package deal. This harsh reality is, of course, a flagrant and fundamental contradiction of all that the members of the film industry hold most politically dear. I sometimes wonder whether one of the reasons why Hollywood is so liberal might be that its male inhabitants are secretly ashamed of the sexual double standard by which they live. They will sign any petition, contribute lavishly to any sympathetic-sounding candidate, perform any act of political penance — anything, in fact, but sleep with an ordinary-looking woman of a certain age, much less cast her as the love interest in a major motion picture.

This does not, of course, explain why Hollywood females are similarly positioned to the left, unless they've been told that's their good side. And I suspect that there are legions of Lotharios Lite who will sleep with anyone who breathes, and possibly with those who don't.

Mort Sahl anticipated this decades ago. "Liberals," he said, "feel unworthy of their possessions."

And then he added, "Conservatives feel they deserve everything they've stolen."

Posted at 8:46 AM to Almost Yogurt

Hey, stealing is hard work. And dangerous, what with all those guns floating around. So it all fits together -- we support the gun trade so that we have to take risks when we steal.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:47 AM on 12 June 2007

Mort Sahl was a rare wit, capable of seeing the follies on ALL sides. (Contrast with the plodding, pandering and predictable Bill Maher.) As the man himself remarked: "[Comedy] has changed. It isn't funny anymore!"

Yes, Sahl is still alive, and I hope still IS a great wit, but one rarely hears from him these days.

Sahl also coined the classic, definitive remark about Nixon: "Would you buy a used car from this man?"

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 2:49 PM on 12 June 2007