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24 June 2007

You put that crap in your car?

Putting the "bio" in "biofuels," the Mexican livestock industry and the University of Georgia:

The University of Georgia and Mexico's livestock industry have formed a new research partnership to share expertise in generating fuels from waste materials. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development, the partnership will initiate training, internships and exchanges between UGA and a wide array of academics and professionals in Mexico.

"Under this research partnership, students will come here to gain insights and training in engineering technology connected to managing and converting waste to energy in the livestock sector," said [UGA Professor of Engineering K. C.] Das. "I am excited about it — the project will support education of graduate and undergraduate students at UGA and training of research and outreach faculty in Mexico and at our institution," he said.

For the last hundred years or so, we've been running out of oil: here, at least, is a commodity which is not likely to be in short supply any time soon.

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Break OPEC: Eat more beef!

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Personally, I've been banking on

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