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24 July 2007

And you thought the double-nickel was bad

On one street in one Chinese town, the speed limit is 3 mph:

The locals did a test, if the driving speed is 3 mph, you're going about 1.39 meter per second, which is close to an adult's normal walking speed. So be careful walking there as you might get a speeding ticket from the local police.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, having failed to get initial approval for his congestion fees, might consider moving to a 3-mph limit in Manhattan as an alternative. It would have much the same deterrent effect on entering the borough, and in some parts of town traffic is already moving at this speed.

I mention in passing that the top speed I reached on the World Tour this year was 92 mph. I was nowhere near New York at the time.

(Via AutoblogGreen.)

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