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20 July 2007

As the Blue Book lops off another grand

Gwendolyn clicked over her 100,000th mile today.

Keep in mind that I'm the second owner, and that I've done less than 12,000 of those miles — and about thirty percent of those 12,000 were in the last twelve days.

Posted at 7:02 PM to Driver's Seat

I take it people with leased cars don't go on road trips. From what I can tell, the average yearly-allotted mileage is 10,000 miles. Halfway through this trip you would have had to pull over and wait until January 1st to roll around (pun intended).

Posted by: Rob "Flack" O'Hara at 8:32 PM on 20 July 2007

It would so seem.

Actually, when I lived at the CrappiFlat™, which was quite a bit closer to work than I am now, I was averaging a little less than 10k a year despite the road trips.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:39 PM on 20 July 2007