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28 July 2007

Be prepared, as the Scouts said

It was mentioned in the comments to this item that a friend of mine had just bought an Infiniti M35, the less-expensive version of the marque's senior sedan. The M45, the pricier version, is the same car with a 4.5-liter V8 instead of the 3.5-liter V6; inasmuch as this is a superior V6 — Gwendolyn has an earlier 3.0-liter version — and they charge many thousands extra for the V8, buying the M35 makes more sense to me, and made more sense to her. In fact, she reports, the dealer let it go for a bit over $37k, putting it almost in the range of the current G, which gave me all kinds of ideas I didn't need.

(If you're wondering what happened to the Q45, it was dropped from the lineup after 2006.)

Instead of a key, they handed her something I once described as Not The Key in a G35 story:

To start this little darb, Not The Key must be brandished, your foot must be on the brake (I figure manual-transmission models have a slightly-different regimen), and a button to the right of the steering column must be pushed.

Noting that this was a battery-operated device, she asked, sensibly enough, "How do I start the car if the battery is dead?" The salesperson gave her exactly the funny look you think he did.


Turns out that there's a slot somewhere on the dash in which you can shove the gizmo and still start the car. The slot in Nissan's Altima looks like this.

I should point out that the first time I drove a 2007 G35, they warned me not to let that thing get too close to a cell phone, or its little brain could be fried.

Posted at 8:58 AM to Driver's Seat

I wasn't warned about the "key fob" and my cell phone. Since they both reside in the very bottom of my purse, chances are they've been in contact-with each other, not me. I never can locate either of them.
However, the car has already aquired my phone and the first 40 items in my address book (according the the manual, five phones can be connected with 40 contacts each.)
I dug out the cell and used it this morning, it still works and sure enough I had to untangle it from my collection of keys, gate opener, car unlockers and the mighty FOB.

Posted by: wamprat at 10:03 AM on 28 July 2007

Nissan is supposed to have reworked the fob; perhaps you got an improved model.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:19 AM on 28 July 2007