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12 July 2007

Beyond mere sustenance

At least once in your lifetime you should eat at a place which has a Lewis Grizzard special on the menu, especially if Alan Jackson used to wait tables there.

McGehee confessed to some misgivings about the recommendation, but here in the real world, I wouldn't pass up such a thing. (And we had a wonderful time; I swear he almost cracked a smile.)

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On the way home it finally occurred to me to give Chris a chance to explain her "miracle" remark. She reminded me that when I started telling her the "Six Degrees of Marcia Cross" thing she had at first expected Alan Jackson to be involved.

I would have liked to include Jefferson Randolph Smith, but I didn't think he'd ever co-starred with Heather Locklear.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:53 PM on 12 July 2007

I'm so jealous you guys got to meet! :)

Please drive safely. I worry.

Posted by: Gradual Dazzle at 9:56 PM on 12 July 2007

"... here in the real world" and Alan Jackson in the same post?

Can't sneak that one past a fellow music geek.

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at 9:11 AM on 13 July 2007