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28 July 2007

Campaign highlights

According to Ben Smith's The Politico, the Clinton campaign released this flyer prior to the Senator's speech to a convention of beauticians.

Pay attention to your hair

Well, I thought it was funny.

(Via Princess Sparkle Pony.)

Posted at 7:23 PM to Political Science Fiction

Typical morphing of hairstyles for the preppy class of '65 era! I've been been there; done that myself!
You want funny? Take a look at this John Edwards video:
It's a hoot!

Posted by: Kay Dennison at 10:54 AM on 29 July 2007

Yeah, it's funny. But it still makes me nervous. I mean... there are so many substantive points to attack La Clinton on that poking fun at her hair seems rather ... well...

But it is funny. I suspect my hairstyle changeups over the years would be, too.


Posted by: Mark Alger at 8:38 AM on 31 July 2007