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25 July 2007

Eventual shortcomings

An informal survey of 2500 women by a British shopping center suggests that after age 28, it's time to toss out the miniskirts.

I am of course distraught at the possibility that someone might actually take this seriously: as Bill Blass is supposed to have said, the legs are generally the last things to go, and I've seen some spectacular stems on fiftysomethings. I continue to believe, however, that every woman has an ideal skirt length, and it's usually not around mid-thigh. (And if it is, you know where to find me.)

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At 35, I'm here to tell you....naaaa!


Posted by: hln at 9:12 PM on 29 July 2007

I feel better already.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:35 PM on 29 July 2007