The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

9 July 2007

Here, hold my beer

This is almost believable:

I have this feeling that if the very last human being to ever die is a male, his last words — and thus the final words of our once-promising species — will be some variant of "Hey, watch this!"

Of course, if he is the final member of the species, there remains the question: "To whom is he saying this?"

Similarly: Frederic Brown's short story Knock, which begins like this:

The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.

(Seen at A Sweet, Familiar Dissonance.)

Posted at 5:14 PM to Almost Yogurt

The answer to your query ("to whom is he saying this?") is simple: his dog, of course!

Posted by: Kirk at 11:47 AM on 10 July 2007

I thought of that too. Then I thought maybe he was actually one of the last two people on Earth and the explosion was so spectacular it took out both of them at once. But that it was his dog makes sense too.

Posted by: Lynn at 7:33 AM on 11 July 2007

Where I reside, a redneck's famous last words might be "Hey, Lookee Here!", or "Sh--, I can do that"

I've observed a few instances of behavior preceded by those interjections. None ended in tragedy, but danger lurked in the wings.

Posted by: Call at 3:37 PM on 12 July 2007