The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

8 July 2007

High ceilings are a must

Houston Rockets center Yao Ming will marry Ye Li of the Chinese national team on the 5th of August. Both Yao and Ye had played for the Shanghai Sharks in their younger days; they've been dating for about eight years.

Yao is the tallest current NBA player, at 7 feet 6 inches; Ye is listed at 1.9 meters, a shade under 6-3. My first thought was "Is this the tallest couple ever?" Well, no, they're not:

Gottlieb "Fred" Fischer (8 feet 1 inch) was born in Vienna, Austria, and his bride Elfriede (7 feet 11 inches) hailed from Bernstadt, Germany — which makes their outrageous "wild west" cowboy costumes all the more bizarre.

Gottlieb and Elfriede met when both were booked in a London dance revue. A romance bloomed, followed by a wedding in November 1933. In 1937 the giant couple made their way to America, where they were initially billed as Mr. & Mrs. Long on the Hagenbeck-Wallace and Cole Brothers circuses. When picked up by Ringling Brothers, they resumed their actual names and affected western attire.

The Fischers retired from show business in 1948 to run a motel near Sarasota, Florida.

Mr. & Mrs. Long? Now that's truth in advertising.

Anyway, all the best to Yao and his lovely bride.

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