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4 July 2007

High-efficiency scavengers

It seemed improbable, but there it was on the water bill: PLACE BULKY AT CURB BY 6AM (WED) 07/04/07. The first Wednesday of the month is our usual day for Bulky Waste pickup, so that wasn't a big deal, but it's the Fourth of July, fercryingoutloud.

So yesterday afternoon I wheeled the old lawn mower to the curb and folded down its handle, lest anyone think I was just taking a break, hoping the city would pick it up in the morning. I needn't have worried: it's not 6 am yet, and already someone has hauled it away.

The new one, says Amazon, has been shipped.

Posted at 5:37 AM to Surlywood

On the last "big pickup" day I put my old mower at the curb. Within five minutes someone knocked on my door! "Is it for sale or in the trash?" It's in the trash. They took it :)

I think the City relies upon that happening. A goodly portion of the "big" items are long gone before they ever arrive to collect them.

Posted by: ms7168 at 5:29 AM on 5 July 2007

Well, the new one has arrived, and it's staying in its cardboard box, because it's freaking raining again.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:10 PM on 5 July 2007

Heh, I think the city actually waits for the scavengers in my neighborhood, as their big pick-up is usually a couple days after the date on the water bill.

Posted by: Jason at 10:40 PM on 5 July 2007