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21 July 2007

Loud, fast, and out of control

Dinner this evening with Russ and Alicia and their three quasi-hellions at O'Charley's, a place Russ suggested, I suspect, for its noise level: whatever unearthly shrieks the children emitted would scarcely be noticed. And actually, the two boys were relatively placid, comparatively speaking.

I shot this in front of Gwendolyn's rear bumper right afterwards. You'll notice that Laney is trying to bounce out of the picture, that Jackson won't give up that last chicken strip, and that Gunner is trying to ignore the whole procedure. (Click to embiggen.)

Random grandchildren

Later they were bribed with ice cream, I am given to understand.

Posted at 8:56 PM to Next Generation , World Tour '07

How do they get to have a rear license plate like that, without identification numbers?

What adorable kiddos!! The look like they have the potential to be stinkers. hehe

Posted by: Gradual Dazzle at 8:57 AM on 22 July 2007


(And obliterating license-plate numbers is one of two reasons why God made Photoshop.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:07 AM on 22 July 2007

Gorgeous. The one that won't give up the chicken finger is beyond cute. I'll take him, if they ever want to give him away.


Posted by: Deb at 5:06 AM on 23 July 2007

Cute kids.

Posted by: Heather at 9:21 AM on 24 July 2007