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5 July 2007

Massive internal torment

Not a function of taquitos for lunch, but of a so-far-unresolved conflict: World Tour '07 is supposed to begin Tuesday (I have medical stuff to take care of on Monday) and I am no nearer to setting an itinerary than I was a month ago.

The basic criteria are as follows:

  • Thirteen or fourteen days. Fifteen at the outside. (I've noticed I start to run down rather seriously after fifteen.)
  • At least one pass through the Kansas City metro. (This is primarily to visit the Younger Generation.)

One possibility under consideration is a sort of Reverse Trail of Tears route, which ends up somewhere close to North Carolina. Advantages: there is much of this area I have not seen in years, if at all; roads tend to get interesting as the mountains get closer; a lot of bloggers along the way. Disadvantages: a lot of this may end up on I-40; if it doesn't, I may run perilously close to a sixteenth day; a lot of bloggers along the way.

I've also considered a Trans-Texas Tour, looping through the Lone Star State. Advantages: I never get tired of Texas; the variation in scenery is considerable; Texas road discipline is something to respect. Disadvantages: Texas in the summer is either hot or damned hot and the endless rains won't help; tricky to make that loop through Kansas City.

Other possibilities present themselves, but these are the front-runners right now. Suggestions are welcomed.

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It's 95 today in KCMO and, after yesterday's storms, it's positively steamy. Do